New Tactum 7 Touchscreen Controller

The Tactum 7 Touchscreen Controller Makes Smart Environments Stupid Easy!

North Las Vegas, NV (1/17/17) — IPControl is proud to unveil its latest cutting-edge solution for touchscreen control: the Tactum 7. The Tactum 7 is a 7″ OEM touch-panel controller, allowing users full-spectrum command of any kind of electronic function in an indoor space.

With the Tactum 7, any space becomes a smart-space controllable from the press of a button or a slide of a finger. From switching channels on a TV to adjusting the temperature of an entire building, the Tactum 7 offers simple visual command of every aspect of your environment using the Internet of Things. Better yet, the Tactum 7’s digital interface can be fully customized to fit your unique command needs and signature style!


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