IPControl – Bridging Environmental & Automation Control

SmartAVI Inc., manufacturers of professional audio-video innovation solutions, has joined forces with Vity Technology, a leading European automation expert, to develop an independent subsidiary specializing in Home, Commercial, and Environmental Automation & Control products: IPControl.

Blending Vity’s expertise in smart-environment control with SmartAVI’s signature user-focused solutions, IPControl aims bring the best of both worlds to the automation and touchscreen markets. Our products cover everything from simple switching hubs to custom-built touchscreen controller systems, each letting users take control of electronics throughout an indoor environment remotely over IP!

With modular designs, wide ranging connectivity (relays, A/V, IR, and RS serial support), and user-friendly interfaces, IPControl products bridge the gap between complexity and ease by offering users full-spectrum modes of environmental control with complete simplicity. IPControl solutions are capable of taking command of indoor lighting, climate, speakers, TVs, surveillance equipment, and energy output settings of any designated space, all fully adjustable using a PC’s browser-based control panel or an IPControl wall-mounted touchpad. Here at IPControl, we believe the Internet-based control is the next step in environmental optimization.

IPControl solutions simplify and relieve the hassle of segregated electronic management, placing complete control in the hands of our users for the most convenient and effective enhancements to make their environments truly their own. Bridging the gap between you and your environment, IPControl has it covered.